Sunday, January 25, 2009

Its a conspiracy...

The other day I blogged about some blown capacitors on my graphics card. Well, around the same time, my wife noticed a strange burning smell near her computer. Sure enough, it smelled like burned electronics. Since there is a bunch of electronics near her desk and everything seemed to be working ok, it took a while to track down the source of the smell.

Argv! Another blown graphics card. This time the fan motor blew and sent the fan tumbling around inside the case. The card seemed to keep working ok, though it is not clear how long that would have been the case. Fortunately, she doesn't stress the 3-D graphics too much, except for the occasional screen blanker.
But now I think there is a conspiracy... how could two different graphics cards from different vendors, in different computers, connected to different power conditioners, both fail at around the same time -- and yet keep working for a while? It must've been related to those strange lights and humming noise we saw moving rapidly over the hilltops... no, those were F/A-18s from Miramar... time to call the ghostbusters...

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