ZFS training in Atlanta, March 16-18, 2010

I will be presenting a 3-day training session for systems and storage administrators on ZFS and NexentaStor in the Atlanta area March 16-18, 2010. The team has put together a fantastic syllabus including in-depth exposure to the latest ZFS and NAS trends.

Attendees can choose to attend the three-day program, or the two-day advanced portion. The course is structured as follows:

  • Day 1: Introduction to ZFS and Nexenta Systems Storage Technologies
  • Day 2: De-duplication in a VM World
  • Day 3: Optimizing NAS Performance

Attendees should have some familiarity with storage concepts and terminology, but does not assume any knowledge of ZFS or familiarity with the NexentaStor storage appliance.
The course will include hands-on exercises with ZFS and NexentaStor.
Best of all, lunch will be provided each day.
To sign up or view the detailed syllabus, visit the nexenta-atlanta.eventbrite.com event registration site