On ZFS use at home...

The other day someone asked on the #zfs IRC (irc.freenode.net) chat about using ZFS at home. As one of the early adopters, I can say it is a great idea! I've been running ZFS at home since late 2005. The first pool of "stuff" I created has been upgraded, expanded, and had its drives replaced. In 2008 I created the latest version of "stuff" as a simple mirrored pair of HDDs. The prior version of "stuff" was transferred to the 2008 pool which is still in use. Therefore I do not have the actual creation date of the original "stuff," but since I used ZFS send/receive to transfer the datasets, I can definitively say the oldest snapshot was created in July 2006.

# zfs get creation stuff/home@20060715
NAME                 PROPERTY  VALUE                  SOURCE
stuff/home@20060715  creation  Sat Jul 15 20:20 2006  -

I've made many snapshots since and it seems quite impressive to know that I can roll back in time over 8 years to see how my "stuff" has evolved. Let's hear it for long-lived data!