Happy 10th Birthday Snapshot!

On this date, 10 years ago, I made my first ZFS snapshot.

# zfs get creation stuff/home@20060715 
NAME                 PROPERTY  VALUE                  SOURCE
stuff/home@20060715  creation  Sat Jul 15 20:20 2006  -
The stuff pool itself has changed dramatically over the decade. Originally, it was a spare 40G IDE drive I had laying around the hamshack.  Today it is a mirror of 4T/6T drives from different vendors, for diversity. Over the years the pool has been upgraded, expanded, and had its drives replaced numerous times. This is a true testament to the long-term planning and management built into OpenZFS.

The original size of the stuff/home file system was 9GB. Today, it is 1.6TB, which I'll blame mostly on backups of media files. Ten years ago I had a 1.6M pixel camera, today 16M pixel plus HD video and phones.

What was I working on back then?  SATA controllers, Sun X4500, ROARS Field Day, ...