How Would You Use 10 Million IOPS?

This week we proudly announced a 2u storage server that delivers 10 million IOPS @ 4k over the network. If you are visiting Salt Lake City and the Supercomputing 2016 Conference, drop by the exhibition booth and take a look.

What I find more exciting than the IOPS (10 million) or bandwidth (40 GB/sec) is the latency penalty for the network is an impressive 7 µsec over Ethernet. Yes, microseconds! Over Ethernet! Amazing!

If you've never heard us discussing microseconds in the context of network storage, it is because disks were so slow we could only grumble on about milliseconds. To give some perspective here, a high-end SAS SSD have response times on the order of 50 - 100 µsec @ 4k. If you run "iostat -x" to see latency on a typical Unix/Linux/OSX distro, you only get 10 µsec resolution, today. This is truly an breakthrough in enabling technology for building large, scalable, and fast computing solutions.

So, how will you use 10 million IOPS?

Kudos to the Newisys / Sanmina, and Kazan Networks team for a job well done!  Very impressive!